2020 Program Calendar

The Northern Mallee Leaders Program (NMLP) develops capable, confident, knowledgeable and connected leaders for community organisations, businesses and industry sectors. Participants develop their personal leadership capability in order to step up to the challenges of leading in a dynamic regional location.

Proposed Dates and Locations

Proposed Program dates and themes for 2020 are as follows:



Friday 7th February Half-Day/Evening 2020 Program Launch Nichols Point
Friday 14th February 
(evening) – Sunday 16th 
2 Days/2 Nights Opening Retreat Weekend Lake Cullulleraine
Thursday 27th February 1 Day Understanding the Northern Mallee Mildura
Thursday 12th March 1 Day Community Development & Advocacy Red Cliffs
Tuesday 24th March 1 Day & Dinner Arts & Culture Mildura
Thursday 16th April 1 Day Community Project Development Mildura
Wendesday 22nd April 1 Half-Day/Evening MRCC Session & Council Meeting Mildura
Tuesday 5th May 1 Day Media & Communication Mildura
Thursday 21st May Dinner Vision of the Region Dinner Mildura
Tuesday 2nd June 1 Day Understanding The System Mildura

Sunday 14th June – 

Wednesday 17th June

4 Days/3 Nights Melbourne Study Trip Melbourne
Tuesday 14th July 1 Day Health & Wellbeing Mildura
Thursday 30th July 1 Half-Day Business Networking Breakfast Mildura
Thursday 6th August 1 Day Regional Economy, Tourism & Innovation Merbein
Thursday 20th August 1 Day Youth & Education Mildura
Wednesday 2nd September 1 Half-Day Boards & Committees 101 Mildura

Sunday 13th September – 

Thursday 17th September

5 Days/4 Nights Canberra Study Trip Canberra

Sunday 11th October –

Monday 12th October

2 Days/1 Night Food, Water & Environment Robinvale

Saturday 24th October – 

Sunday 25th October

2 Days/1 Night Closing Retreat Weekend Ouyen
Friday 13th November Evening 2020 Graduation Ceremony Mildura

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There are a total of 26 Program Days (made up of 24 full days and 4 half day sessions), two dinners and a launch and graduation ceremony. The areas shaded in green, orange and teal are compulsory activities. Participants must attend all compulsory activities and 80% of the remaining program days in order to graduate.

STUDY TRIPS – Each year, the dates of the Melbourne and Canberra Study Trips (teal) are dependent on the confirmation of Parliamentary Sitting Dates, thereby making both trips subject to change.

There may be a number of optional activities such as the Regional Leadership (RL) Combined Program Day (Melbourne) and NML Alumni events that will be available for participants to attend and dates will be provided as advised.